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Prospects for the South China Sea disputes, how could it? Center of Strategic and International Studies in Washington, the Southeast Asian Affairs Center Assistant Pollin said: "difficult to large-scale military conflict between China and the Philippines and Vietnam, but some small-scale conflict is a normal phenomenon." He said. This is because the Chinese do not want to own military forces to crack down on opponents, because doing so would become common knowledge in the environment of the international public opinion, "the use of force may be easily occupied the disputed area, but there may be used in the disputed waters in the South China Sea risk allowing their overseas interests to incur the danger of irreparable loss. "Authority of the U.S. military magazine in accordance with the mobility of the tank, fire performance and the three indicators of the level of armor protection, comprehensive assessment of the overall performance of the world main battle tanks, selected the top ten tanks. In the 1998 ranking of the world's top ten tanks, the German "Leopard-2A5 tank top, followed by the United States of M1A2, 90-Japan, France Leclerc, the British Challenger 2", the Russian Black Eagle ", the Russian T-90 (S), South Korea 88 type, the Russian T-72 (S) and Israel the Merkava Mk.3 tank. In the latest ranking of the world's top ten tank in 2010, the German Leopard-2A6 tank top, followed by the British Challenger 2 ", American M1A2SEP, South Korean K2, Israeli" Merkava Mk.4 South Korean K1A1, Chinese Type 96, the French Leclerc, Chinese Type 99 Russian T-90A (S) tanks. Changes in contrast to the two charts we can see that decade, the world tank market added some newproducts,including the German Leopard 2A6 ", American M1A2SEP, Israeli Merkava MK4, South Korean K1A1 and K2 Chinese 96 type and 99, and Russia improved T-90A.

In addition to the South Korean K1, K2 tanks outside, China's two latest products list the same more concern among the world's top ten tanks. From the end of last century, Chinese tanks and level of research and development by leaps and bounds, and sought to acquire a leading position in manufacturing industry in the world tanks. In October 1999 the new China's 50th anniversary parade, the PLA has a comprehensive display of the Type 96, Type 98 and 99, three new tanks. Chinese tank designers believe that the 99 tanks are a world leader in mobility, firepower, performance and protective properties of the three combat potential indicators code:lianjiepika805.

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